Disclaimer: BTVS characters belong to Joss, extra characters and plot 
            are from my warped imagination.

Inspiration: Everything before plus .... a couple of flights between 
             Manchester and Paris!

Recap: Buffy and Willow are in Northern England helping out a were-slayer
       fight big evil and they've just been ambushed by a gang of vamps....  


Its Grim Up North (5/10)

By SPik

"Slayer you're time has come!" shouted Cullen as he emerged from the 
driver's seat of the van.

"Let me see you try." Torr yelled back, turning to face Buffy  "Buffy 
stay here, it's me they want, if any get past feel free to dust them."

"Won't you need help?" replied Buffy

"I'll be OK. I don't want them to find out that you're a slayer." 
With that she ran towards the group of vampires

As Torr reached about half-way down the road Buffy and Willow noticed 
a change in Torr's build, the way she ran and it looked like her hair 
got a bit longer as well.

Torr reached for the stakes she had stored in her trouser pockets, 
she always carried a good supply, 'One of the uses of combats', she 
thought, 'large pockets that can hold many stakes.' Even as a were-
slayer she preferred to use stakes to kill vampires, especially when 
there were this many, it was so much quicker and easier than ripping 
their heads off!

The first vampire leapt towards Torr but soon found himself dust as 
Torr ducked and staked him as he went over her head. As Torr was 
rising to her feet another vampire ran towards her but was pushed off 
into the rubbish at the side of the road. The third vamp was greeted 
by a swift kick to the head sending him flying backwards into the two 
oncoming vamps. The second vamp decided to try his luck again and 
grabbed a plank of wood from the rubbish pile. As he ran towards Torr 
she caught the end of the plank of wood and pushed it back towards 
him just catching his heart. By this time the other five vampires who 
had formed the initial attack had regained their composure and had 
decided to attack on mass, however Torr was ready for them and the 
first two stakes she threw met their targets with devastating 

"I like these odds better" she muttered as the remaining three 
vampires ran towards her.

Torr ducked as the first one rolled over her. As she rose, the second 
vampire was just in arms reach or should that be stakes reach, and 
quickly became dust. The third vampire attempted to punch Torr, but 
she easily parried his feeble attempt and yet another vampire was 
dust. The final vampire from this initial wave had fallen over when 
he rolled over Torr but was now running towards her. As he got 
closer, Torr leapt in the air and landed on his back knocking him to 
the ground. Torr hadn't noticed the large vampire that had moved 
behind her and just as she plunged her stake into the last of the 
initial vampires he whacked her over the head with a crowbar, almost 
knocking her unconscious. Cullen had been saving these two until 
last, counting the others as expendable casualties.

Buffy was getting noticeably edgy as she watched her new friend 
dusting the vamps, "I can't just stand around here watching. I'm a 
slayer, I'm supposed to slay not watch. And she's in trouble, look, 
she needs help." she exclaimed as she noticed the other large 
vampires holding Torr so that she couldn't move while the first one 
punched her repeatedly.

"I have to say I agree with you. Take this." Joe replied as he handed 
Buffy a stake from his coat pocket.

Cullen noticed Buffy running towards where the two strong vampires 
were pounding Torr, "Get her!" he yelled signalling to the vampire 
who had been punching Torr. Spotting her chance Torr back head butted 
the vampire that had been holding her making him relinquish his grip 
and allowing her to roll away.

The first vampire ran up the road towards Buffy. When he reached her, 
he flung a punch in her general direction but Buffy just ducked 
underneath it and tried to stake him. However he noticed the 
attempted staking a kicked out, knocking Buffy to the ground. As the 
vampire climbed on top of Buffy and prepared to sink his teeth into 
her neck she grabbed the stake and plunged it into his back - more 
instant dust.

As Buffy looked up she saw the second vampire getting up and heading 
towards Torr. She looked around and noticed a metal dustbin lid in 
the pile of rubbish next to her, grabbing it she stood up and let it 
fly. The vampire didn't even hear it coming as it sliced through his 
neck, severing his head.

Realising that his plan had failed Cullen made his escape and jumped 
over the front of the van into the road beyond. He landed just out of 
sight of the two slayers and started to run towards the warehouse. He 
hadn't got very far when he was grabbed from behind, "You failed." 
remarked the stranger as he plunged a stake through Cullen's heart.

"Are you OK?" asked Buffy as she held a hand out to Torr. Torr just 
nodded and smiled.

"Why didn't they just drain you?" questioned Willow as her and Joe 
reached where Buffy was helping Torr get to her feet.

"One of the uses of Torr not being totally human," explained 
Joe, "they don't like the taste of her blood even if it is slayer 

"God, I feel rough." commented Torr as she slumped her arms round 
Buffy's and Joe's shoulders letting them take her weight

"You do look a bit like an overused punchbag at the moment." replied 
Buffy as they all headed home.


As the sun rose over the city hailing the start of another day with 
hopefully less attacks than usual, Graham walked towards the bus 
station where he'd agreed to meet his new friend.

"So they survived the fight? Are the rumours true?" asked Graham

"Yes. I believe they are." replied a voice from the shadows, "There 
is another girl who fights like a slayer, she appears to be older and 
more experienced. Together they may cause you trouble."

"Don't worry about us. They can't stop what we've got planned." 


Buffy woke before Willow again but this time noticed that at some 
point during the night Willow had wrapped her arm around Buffy. 
Although Buffy quite liked this position she wasn't sure whether 
Willow had consciously done it and how Willow would react if she woke 
up now, so Buffy decided to sneak out of the bed. As Buffy lifted 
Willow's arm she stirred slightly and rolled over but didn't wake 
up, 'Phew' thought Buffy as she got out of the bed and headed out of 
the room.

"I thought you'd still be in bed after last night." remarked Buffy as 
she entered the main room and noticed Torr sat on the sofa watching 

"I couldn't sleep. Everytime I moved it hurt." she replied,  "So I 
thought what better way to ignore all the pain than to watch classic 
horror films! Care to join me?"

"Why not." Buffy said as she sat down next to Torr, "I was going to 
go and train but I'm guessing that Joe's still asleep in the back 

"We probably won't see him for a while." Torr replied while stuffing 
popcorn into her mouth, "Popcorn?" she continued offering the bowl to 

"Not exactly a healthy breakfast but OK."


Graham arrived at the penthouse apartment around noon, just as the 
rain clouds were rolling in over the city.

"But I need to see him. I have important news about the slayer." 
Graham yelled at the guard standing outside his boss' room.

"I told you. Ruairc is resting, he cannot be disturbed." shouted the 
guard while holding Graham back.

"It's OK. Let him in." replied a voice from inside the room.

As Graham entered he bowed his head, "I'm sorry to disturb you sir 
but I've had some news about the rumours."

"Well. What is it?" asked the robed man as he rose from his seat.

"There is another slayer in town. My source said that she fought 
well, more experienced than the wolf." Graham replied keeping his 
head down.

"I had the feeling that the rumours were true. Oh well, if they try 
to stop us, we'll just have to kill both of them." Ruairc stated as 
he walked towards Graham, "Find out more about them. If they have a 
weaknesses, any way we can distract them, stop them from causing us 
any trouble."

"I'll put my best people on it."

"I'd prefer it if you could deal with this yourself." Ruairc 
continued as he lifted Graham's head up.

"Certainly sir. I'll not fail you." Graham bowed his head again and 
headed towards the door, as Ruairc sat back down and continued his 

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