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Recap: Buffy and Willow are off to face unknown forces in Manchester, 

Its Grim Up North (2/10)

By SPik

"How come I never get to go anywhere else?" Xander whinged.

"Because I need you to stay here and patrol, all of you." replied 
Buffy, "Hopefully we won't be gone to long."

"We'll do our best." remarked Anya

"All of us." Tara added

"I'm so glad you agreed to help." Willow said turning to face 
Tara, "I'm glad we're still friends."

"It's OK." she replied looking away to avoid Willow's gaze. She still 
loved Willow, she always would, but knew that Willow loved another 
although Willow hadn't realised this yet.

'Flight BA286 to Manchester, England now available for boarding at 
gate number 30.'

"I believe that's your flight." stated Giles

"Giles is right," Willow replied, "we ought to go."

"We'll see you soon." said Buffy as she turned towards the door

"Be careful." Giles shouted

"We will." Buffy yelled back as she and Willow disappeared into the 
departure lounge, "Bye!"

"They'll be alright, won't they?" asked Xander

"I hope so, we have no idea of what they're going to face when they 
get there." Giles replied


"Graham, any reports of the slayer recently?"

"Not within the last week but she could be planning something. I've 
heard a rumour of a second slayer heading this way."

"Find her and kill her, and if there's two - kill them both. Use 
whatever means you like, I don't want anything to stand in our way. 
These summonings are difficult enough without a slayer trying to stop 

"I'll put my best people on it."


'Ladies and gentlemen as we shall shortly be landing we ask you to 
ensure that your seatbelt is fastened, you seatback is upright and 
your table is folded away. Thank you.'

Buffy awoke as the announcement started, it had been a long flight 
and the movie hadn't been particularly good. She noticed that at some 
point while she was sleeping Willow had dozed off and her head was 
resting on Buffy's shoulder, 'She looks so peaceful' she thought, 'If 
only she knew'. Buffy was considering letting her friend sleep when 
Willow stirred.

"Sorry about that." Willow said while sitting up.

"What? Falling asleep on my shoulder, what else are friends for." 
Buffy replied smiling at her friend, 'If only she knew' she thought 

"Where are we?" Willow rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"We're almost there I think." Buffy glanced out of the window. All 
she could see was grey, lots of heavy grey clouds. "I guess Giles was 
right about the weather."


Down below in the pouring rain two figures battle...

"Now, that makes me mad, and you don't want me to get mad" The demon 
hit her again, throwing her into the shadows.

"That does it!" Her voice changed as she spoke, becoming more animal 
like, filled with rage. She walked forwards into the light, her ears 
pricked and claws ready. "Now you've had it!"

A dark figure stood in the shadows watching her destroy the demon 
(and I mean destroy - ripping it to pieces) taking note of what had 
just happened and vanishing before she noticed him.

As she calmed down, she returned to her completely human state. "I 
hate it when they do that."


As Buffy and Willow walked into the Arrivals lounge they noticed 
someone holding a card with their names on. He was tall, late 20's 
but looked older and looked very out of place.

"Hi, that's us." said Buffy pointing to the card.

"Oh, hi I'm Joe, Torr's brother, Torr would have come to meet you 
herself but what with the distinct lack of sun she thought it would 
be best to patrol."

"I'm Buffy, this is Willow." replied Buffy, "So is the weather always 
this bad?"

"Most of the time." said Joe visibly relaxing, "If its not raining, 
its snowing or just cloudy. We do get the odd day of sun but normally 
its just a quick sunny spell before another downpour." he continued 
as he picked up their bags and led them to where the car was parked.

"Are you alright?" Buffy asked Willow, noticing that her friend 
seemed in a daze.

"I'm just tired." she yawned, "What time is it here?"

"8 in the morning", Joe replied, "Don't worry you can sleep in the 
car. I know what the jetlag's like." As they turned the corner they 
were confronted by a beatup black mini. "Let me apologise now for the 
car, Torr takes the van out on patrol and this is the only other 
transport we have."

"If it runs, then it'll do." remarked Buffy as she and Willow 
squeezed into the back.

"Oh, it runs...." replied Joe. The engine started with a bang and as 
they headed away from the airport and towards town Willow slept on 
her resting back on her friend's shoulder. 'If only she knew' thought 


"I told you to kill the slayer." Graham shouted at the drenched man 
infront of him.

"We tried, but... she's not human."

"Well you obviously didn't try hard enough." he replied as he drove a 
sword through the man.

"He was right. About the slayer not being completely human." A dark 
figure revealed himself from the shadows, "I watched her fight today, 
she changed... became something... feral, animal, almost wolf-like."

"This does make things a bit more interesting, I'll have to report 
this to the higher powers. Thank you my friend."

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