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  characters.  I made up the others - any similarity with people 
  living, dead or undead is purely because I fried my imagination 
  watching too much TV and doing a degree in Astrophysics!

Inspiration: A glorious full moon, walking home through the cold damp 
  streets of North West England, listening to VAST and Rob Zombie, and 
  watching copious amounts of Buffy, Angel and classic Horror films!

Its Grim Up North (1/10)

By SPik

It was a cold foggy night. As the full moon lit up the city below the 
two figures on the roof of the hotel, 20 stories above the ground, 
moved towards the stairs.

"I don't think we can cope with this on our own Joe."

"I think you're right, but what can we do?"

"I've heard a rumour about someone who might be able to help us, I 
only hope the rumours true."

A howl followed by a scream pierced through the night air as they 
made their way down to ground level.

A couple of days later...

"Busy night?" enquired Giles looking up from his books as the gang 
entered his house.

"Not really, two vamps and a big ugly green thing." explained Buffy.

"Definitely ugly" agreed Willow as she and Xander slumped onto the 

As Buffy was wandering over to the couch to join the others she 
noticed an envelope addressed to her but sent to Giles' 
house. "What's this?"

"I'm not sure, it arrived this morning from England" replied Giles

"England? The Watchers Council? Wait a sec, how do you know if you've 
not opened it?" questioned Xander

"The stamp." whispered Willow

"Oh" he replied.

"The Council don't write, they just show up uninvited!" replied Buffy 
as she opened the letter and quickly read it to herself. "Oh! This is 

"What is it Buffy?" asked Willow

Buffy read out the letter to the others...

"   Dear Miss Summers,

  I don't know how to start this, I don't know if you'll ever receive 
this letter, I don't know if you're still alive or ever were. I've 
heard many rumours about you although my brain is still fighting the 
question how can you be the slayer when I'm supposed to be the 
slayer, but we can sort that one out later. I've heard about you 
averting a number of apocalypses and I've also heard a lot about your 
friend's wicca skills, Willow Rosenberg - that's what one demon said 
her name was. It seems that most night-time creatures are frightened 
of you and your friends.
  Let me cut to the chase...

  We have a problem here and we need help. 
  Someone or something appears to be massing an army of rather nasty 
evil things. The number of vampire attacks has trebled in the last 
month and there are far to many ugly demonic things walking the 
streets at night.
  We're not sure how much longer we have left and I fear that if this 
thing isn't stopped there may be no city left for me to protect.
  If you feel you can help I've arranged for two tickets for you to 
fly here, I was hoping that Miss Rosenberg could come as well, just 
call the number at the top and my brother will sort out the 
arrangements. I hope you can come and help us...
  I hope you exist.
  Yours rather hopefully,

  P.S. My parents had a strange sense of humour when they named me!"

"Yet another slayer." contemplated Buffy.

"It appears so. Maybe Faith died?" replied Giles

"Oooh, Willow's famous..." said Xander noticing the look of shock on 
Willow's face and ignoring what Giles had said.

"Which city is it?" asked Giles

"The address says Manchester" said Buffy handing the letter to Giles

"Oh dear!" he replied with a look of horror.

"What's the place like Giles?" asked Buffy worried by the look on 
Giles' face.

"Cold, wet, grim, always raining, not much direct sunshine. Perfect 
vampire breeding ground!"

"That explains the 'Oh dear'", Buffy said turning to face 
Willow, "Well what do you think Willow, you up for a trip to 

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