The Cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This page lists the major cast members for BTVS with links to their Bios on the Internet Movie DataBase and any pictures or links I have on this site. I know it's not very spectacular but there are so many other sites out there that already do this that is there really any point rewritting it all myself?!

Buffy Summers - Sarah Michelle Gellar

Willow Rosenberg - Alyson Hannigan

Xander Harris - Nicholas Brendon

Rupert Giles - Anthony Stewart Head

Angel - David Boreanaz

Cordelia Chase - Charisma Carpenter

Spike - James Marsters

Faith - Eliza Dushku

Riley Finn - Marc Blucas

Tara Maclay - Amber Benson

Anya Emerson - Emma Caulfield

Daniel 'Oz' Osborne - Seth Green

Wesley Wyndham-Pryce - Alexis Denisof

Joyce Summers - Kristine Sutherland

Dawn Summers - Michelle Trachtenberg

Johnathan Levinson - Danny Strong

Warren Meers - Adam Busch

Andrew Wells - Tom Lenk

Darla - Julie Benz

Drusilla - Juliet Landau

Harmony Kendall - Mercedes McNab

Jenny Calendar - Robia La Morte

Principal Snyder - Armin Shimerman

Mayor Wilkins - Harry Groener

Glory - Clare Kramer

Professor Walsh - Lindsay Crouse

Adam - George Hertzberg

Forrest Gates - Leonard Roberts

Graham Miller - Bailey Chase

The Master - Mark Metcalf

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